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Is Novlr the same on mobile and desktop?

We know all writers are different, but for the vast majority of our users, writing on their phones and writing on a computer are separate tasks.

Mobile devices are most often used for writing on the fly, noting down quick thoughts, and taking advantage of sudden bouts of creativity. A desktop or laptop computer is where most writers will do their longer writing and heavy editing sessions.

Our priority is to get the most important features to you as quickly as possible on mobile and desktop, so with that in mind, Novlr on desktop has some extra features that Novlr on mobile doesn’t have:

The ability to scroll back through versions and undo changes you have made, or restore a previous version, is only available on desktop. Everything written on mobile will be saved to a version, but to browse and revert them you’ll need to use a desktop.

Comments are useful for editing and reviewing your work. These can be viewed and added on desktop only.

The proofreader is data-intensive, so not particularly suitable for mobile, and since this is used for the heavy editing phase, it is available only on desktop to ensure the mobile writing experience remains as quick and seamless as possible.

The mobile version of the app has everything you need to do the most important part — to write! These additional editing tools can be accessed from a desktop computer anytime you need them.

Updated on: 16/10/2022

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