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Does Novlr have a proofreader or a spell checker?

We have integrated ProWritingAid into Novlr for our Novlr Pro subscribers. This gives all our users with a Pro account free access to this premium styl, grammar checker, and thesaurus.

To turn on the proofreader, click on the spellcheck icon in the top right of your writing screen.

Proofreader toggle

With the proofreader turned on, you'll see suggestions and errors underlined. Hover over these to reject or accept suggestions.

The proofreader also includes a thesaurus. For word suggestions, simply double click on the word you wish to investigate, and you'll see a popup with alternate word suggestions.

To keep your writing distraction-free simply turn off the proofreader when you’re finished and the suggestions will all disappear.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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