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How are Novlr analytics calculated?

Novlr analytics dashboard shows two main groups of data: Words Written, and Word Count over time. Here we outline the difference between these metrics and how they are calculated.

Words Written

Words Written is the sum of all words added (regardless of how many might have been deleted) in a selected time period. This only includes words written in Novlr.

It does not include words written in your notes section or words that have been imported or pasted.

Words Deleted also show in this section, which means the number of words removed in the selected time period.

If you took your Words Written and minus the Words Deleted in the same time period, you would get your change in Word Count.

Word count

Word Count is the number of words in a chapter or novel at a particular point in time. It does not include words in the note section.

You can track your word counts over time in the charts, which is a great way to see your progress.

The difference in your word count from one day to the next will always be your words written, plus words imported and pasted, minus words deleted.

words written + words imported + words pasted – words deleted = word count

See how some example writing scenarios would be calculated.

Time spent

Time spent is calculated by analysing changes that are saved to the server. If there is no activity (saved changes) in a 5-minute period, it will stop counting.

Time spent will always be an estimate, since it is not possible to know when you are “working on your novel” but not necessarily typing directly, and we have to assume some period of inactivity around typed words. Time spent will give you an indication of how much time you have spent in Novlr writing and is a good way to see how time is spent across different projects and from one month to the next.

Archived novels are removed from analytics (except words historically written).

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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