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How do co-ownership invite codes work?

Novlr's invite-a-friend program allows co-owners to invite others to become part of our writer-owned community. When you invite someone, they will have the opportunity to join as co-owners and reap the benefits that come with being part of that community. By growing our community, we not only strengthen it, but also support our mission to create a more inclusive, supportive, and rewarding platform for all writers.

To invite someone, log in to your Novlr dashboard and visit the co-ownership page. There, you will find an invite card, where you can manually generate a unique link to share with friends and family, on your social media pages, or you can choose to mail your link directly.

When someone signs up using your link within 60 days of receiving your invitation, and becomes a co-owner, you'll receive co-owner credits. These credits represent your contribution to the growth and success of Novlr and our community goals, making you an integral part of our collective journey.

If the co-ownership waitlist is still in place, invitees will skip the waitlist.

If the early Wave 1 bonus credits are still in place, invitees who become co-owners will get those bonus credits.

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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