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Why should I become a co-owner?

Shared ownership models have already proven successful in fostering collaborative communities. Creative platforms like Stocksy, Ampled, and even Substack have shown that there is a need for creator-led communities and that they thrive.

With a social shift in mindset towards more equitable and inclusive systems, being part of a shared endeavour is more important than ever. A writer-led community means more writers writing, more words written, and more stories told on a platform where your goals, aspirations, and dreams take centre stage.

Our co-owners will be instrumental in helping us reach our goals. As we’ve outlined in our letter of intent, once we reach 1000 writer-owners, we’ll kick off the formal part of things like setting up the co-ownership entity (most likely a coop, but potentially a trust), and we’ll set out the processes for things like writers nominating a Novlr board member.

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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