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Why am I being asked to pick a live project?

If you're being asked to pick a live project, it means you've been moved from Novlr Pro to the Novlr Stand plan and are logging in for the first time since you downgraded. This happens if:

you've cancelled your Novlr Pro subscription;
a payment for your Novlr Pro subscription has failed after three retries;
you've reached the end of your Novlr Pro trial.

Novlr offers you a single live project to write for free on our platform, forever, and Novlr Pro gives you unlimited editable novels, plus additional features.

If you have multiple projects when you downgrade, a popup will let you choose which project you want to work on. The remaining novels will be safely archived. You can swap projects in and out of the archive on a Novlr Standard plan, but you can only have one live at any given time if you do not have a Novlr Pro subscription.

You won't be able to edit your archived projects, but you will be able to access, view, and export them at any time. Your words are still your words, and we strongly believe in making sure you have access to them at all times, even if they're not editable in Novlr.

If you want to unlock archived projects for editing, you can subscribe to Novlr Pro at any time for unlimited live projects, or archive your live project and bring an older project out of the archive on a Standard plan.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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