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Can I share my project with people who don’t use Novlr?

With Novlr’s link sharing function you can share your writing with friends, family, collaborators, and beta readers at any time, whether they have a Novlr account or not.

The link-sharing feature is a small but powerful one. It’s just the beginning of our collaboration tools, and we hope to expand on this in future releases of Novlr. We wanted to develop a simple link that would allow you to share your project easily and that updates the content in real-time as your writing syncs with our servers.

To share your project, open the project you wish to share and navigate to the project homepage by clicking on the title or home icon in the chapter menu. From there, click on the Share button on the right hand side of the screen, above the chapter cards. This will open the share modal.

With the share modal you can share individual chapters, or the whole project with the switch of a toggle, and copy the share link with a click of the copy icon.

If you ever want to revoke share access, simply switch the toggle to off, and the link will no longer show any of your writing.

If any part of your project is shared, you will see a share icon next to your project title. Clicking on this at any time will open the share modal to allow you to revoke access quickly and easily.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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