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How do I import an existing novel into Novlr?

Whether you want to import an existing project to keep writing in Novlr, or want to upload a template to help you build out your characters, world, or plot, you can do so in Novlr.

To import a project, navigate to Writing/Projects in the dashboard and click on the Import button in the top right.

Once clicked, you will see a pop up where you can import from your device, or a drag a file to, and then select Import.

If you have heading hierarchy set in the document you are importing, you will be given the option to import your document as a single section or chapter, or choose to have Novlr auto-split your document into separate sections for you.

If you don't have heading heading hierarchy set, you can use Novlr’s split function to split a large doc into smaller docs

You can also import individual chapters. Read more here.

We currently only support import for .docx formats, but more will be coming very soon.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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