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How do I earn co-ownership credits?

Credits can be earned through several avenues, including volunteering time and expertise, being an active member of our community, subscribing to Novlr Plus or Pro, referring new users or co-owners, and making purchases on the platform.

All purchases and subscriptions made through Novlr will earn one credit for every dollar spent. This includes subscriptions, course purchases, and paying for any future services we may release. However, we also wanted to make sure that there are ways for co-owners to contribute and earn credits without having to spend money; after all, not all value our co-owners bring to Novlr and the writing community is monetary.

All co-owners will have access to their co-ownership dashboard and a dedicated co-owners channel in our Discord server. We will use these avenues to share community activities you can help us with, through which you will be rewarded with credits. These could include anything from being a moderator on our Discord or providing guest posts for the Reading Room, to putting together some themed writing playlists or writing for our newsletter.

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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