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How will Novlr ensure that co-owners have equal opportunities to contribute and participate in decision-making?

We want to make sure that co-owners can contribute in a variety of ways. Some co-owners will contribute financially through subscriptions or purchases, while other will have expertise that can benefit the community as a whole, or will have opportunties to donate their time. Co-ownership is all about community, and we know that everyone will have different things they can bring to the table, and we plan to give all writers, no matter their circumstances, the chance to contribute, participate in the community, and have their voices heard.

We’re dedicated to transparency, so we are always happy to take feedback, listen to ideas and suggestions, and have free and open discussions with not only our co-owners but Novlr users as well. Once we set up the Novlr board, our writer-owners will be able to nominate a representative who will have a vote for all future decision-making.

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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