Novlr is a web app, so it doesn’t need any external downloads to work. All you need is a browser on any device and you’re ready to get writing.

However, if you want an app experience, you can save Novlr to the home screen of your phone or tablet. This will make it feel like the same experience as you’d get with a downloadable app so you can seamlessly use Novlr in your browser of choice.

Here's how to add Novlr to your device's homescreen as an app icon:

In Safari

Navigate to
Tap the Share button at the bottom of the page. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top.
Scroll down until you see “Add to Home Screen” and select
On the next screen, choose a name for the shortcut on your home screen.

In Chrome

Navigate to
Click the three vertical dot menu in the top right
Select “Add to Home screen”
There you have it. Now you know how to use Novlr as a mobile app.

Please note: Using Novlr on mobile, comes with some restrictions that the desktop version of Novlr doesn’t have. We know all writers are different, but for most of you, writing on your phone and writing on your computer are different tasks - see this help article to find out the features available on mobile and desktop.
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