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Where can I access my version history?

Whenever you pause your writing, Novlr automatically saves a version of your work and syncs it with our servers to ensure your words stay safe. If you ever accidentally delete something or want to go back to something you've written in the past, you can do this by restoring a previous version.

View version history

To access your versions, click on the time stamp or tick icon in the top left of your writing screen and click on "Show version history." This will open the versions menu in the sidebar on the right. You will be able to see the time and date the version was created, as well as the word count of that particular version.

You can preview the version by clicking on it. It will temporarily replace the contents of your writing screen to show that version's content. This text will not be editable until you restore that version.

To restore a version preview it from the sidebar, then click the "Restore this version" button in the top right of your writing screen.

To exit a version preview, either close the version sidebar, or click on the arrow next the version timestamp in the top left of your writing screen.

Exit version history or restore a previous version

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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