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Who owns the copyright to my words?

No one but you owns the copyright to your words.

Let there be no confusion. You own your words.

Ownership and access to your writing is something that’s important to us and is something we’re very clear about. Your words are your words. Novlr is just a tool to help you write them.

While Novlr requires an active Novlr Pro subscription to write, edit, and add new projects beyond the one novel included in your free Novlr account, you can access and export your already written words at any time, even if you cancel. We firmly believe that if you’ve written it, you should have access to it, so you can export and access any of your writing whenever you like, without having to pay a cent.

We stake no claim over any of your written words. You can read more about this in our Terms of Service. While we can’t promise it will be an exhilarating read, we can promise that you are the sole copyright holder of anything you write while you’re using Novlr.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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